Connie Sloma Artist Statement

Abstract, Contemporary Artist 

Creating art is both exhilarating and challenging, but it is also incredibly rewarding. As an artist, I draw inspiration from the visual beauty of nature, which I believe is pure and untainted. Equally important, my artwork also explores the complexities of human emotions and experiences, as we navigate life together on this beautiful planet.

For me, painting is a form of self-expression that often surprises me with its depth and complexity. I approach each canvas with an open heart and mind, laying down colors and brushstrokes that feel authentic and true to my innermost feelings. As the layers of paint build and take shape, I allow my subconscious to guide the process and tell the story.

Through my art, I also explore the relationship between nature and the human footprint on our planet. I aim to capture ethereal objects and emotions from both the past and present, inviting viewers to contemplate our relationship with the environment and how we consume it. Overall, my goal is to create artwork that connects with viewers on a deep, emotional level and inspires them to see the world in a new and meaningful way.