Connie Sloma-Biography

Connie's love for art began at a young age, where she found solace in drawing and coloring with crayons. Despite financial constraints, she continued to hone her skills in drawing throughout her elementary and high school years, even winning awards for her work. However, with her focus split between sports, dance, and extracurricular activities, art took a backseat. After pursuing a modeling career, starting a family, and working in the insurance industry, Connie found her passion for art reignited after moving to California and remodeling several properties. This spurred her to study Interior Design, where she immersed herself in art history, graphic design, and AutoCAD. Upon graduation, she started her own Interior Design practice, where she also began painting artwork for her clients' spaces.

Life brought her back to Texas, where she continued with her Interior Design practice and pursued art in her spare time. During the Covid pandemic, she completed her final major remodeling job in 2021, which inspired her to start her own art company, Connie Sloma Artist. Connie believes that all the various careers and life skills she has accumulated have contributed to her art practice. She firmly believes that it's never too late to pursue one's passions and that her love for art has led her to where she is today.